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The Rules of The Game Blogpost

The rules of the game
This life is a game. We can laugh and play, and there may or may not be a point, depending on how you play. We are all from divinity, a whole, conscious entity of some sort. In this phase of the evolution of divinity, divinity has deemed it integral to place pieces of itself within each one of us. This is true creative potential, and we may use it however we choose.

It is up to us, however, to also figure out what the rules are! So what are the rules?
Depending on what your world view is, you may have different answers. The ten commandments, the laws of the Torah, different spiritual principles, etc. But since you’re reading my blog post, you’re probably already an open minded person (or you haven’t found my left field stuff yet – keep looking ūüėČ ) and relate more to the “spiritual but not religious” approach.

I know I do.
But spirituality isn’t a goal that is achieved – it is consciousness, in this moment, right now, and this consciousness is spirituality itself. There are many traditions of spiritual practices that are performed as a way of life, and many people confuse spirituality with spiritual practices. Both are valid, but this distinction must be recognized.

Spirituality is a state of being, of connection, of oneness. Union.
Spiritual practices are culturally and sociologically influenced practices surrounding spirituality, the most effective among them creating space for awareness of spirituality to occur.
Are you awakened to your true spiritual nature?
Many people go through their lives without questioning anything. Are they wrong? It’s not up to me to say. Sometimes I envy such a person because it seems like, from the outside, that their life is easier than mine. But I have to question; I question everything. Why? Because from an early age, my experience of reality was different from the one that my environmentally imposed religious practices suggested.

For example: I had a lucid dream at the age of 4, and I knew that it was different from a regular dream. This dream was terribly frightening to me, and that fear brought me to what some might call the astral plane: I had an out of body experience (OBE). My parents could not or did not want to explain this to me. My environmentally imposed religion suggested that such things happened, but only in stories; so my reality changed. I had this experience that was quite mystical to me – even at a very young age – and I had these messages coming in about life that seemed in congruent with my experience of reality.

I began to question! I questioned my parents; whom, in my innocence, I revered like gods. I asked them my existential questions of the nature of the universe and was met with confusing responses, often insinuating that I shouldn’t question things in the first place. This created instances of imposing their beliefs onto me,¬†or, in the worst cases, breaking my will. I am grateful now that I was a stubborn and while, yes, my will was broken many times, I’ve still retained the value of the experiencing the truth of my own experience.
You may have had a similar experience – you have a mystical awakening somehow, whether through dreams, creativity, yoga, with a lover, at a music festival, etc, and you need to tell someone. While those around you may support you and encourage you, if the haven’t had a similar experience to what you are describing, they can’t validate it for you. So, you need to seek out those who have, indeed, had similar experiences.
Awakening to your true spiritual nature.
Spiritual awakenings are commonplace these days, yet that doesn’t negate the amazing power they posses to impact and drastically change ones life.
So, now that you are awaken(ed/ing) to your true spiritual nature, what do you do? “Now that you’ve found out who you are, what do you want to be?” *
This isn’t up to me to answer, but I can give some suggestions for what to do after you’ve had a spiritual awakening, most of this based on my own life experience.

Heal – If you’re like me, it’s likely that, due to circumstances beyond your control, you have been placed in trying situations from which is seems difficult to escape. My family life was like that – so many cords of codependency pulling at me (in total fairness, I was co dependently pulling at them as well – that’s how it works!). It was such a journey to save up enough to move out of that environment. Once I did, I realized that I needed to heal many untouched patterns of behavior that were doing me more harm than good. I made space in my life to heal. So make space in your life for you to heal! Do yoga, meditate, clean up your diet, exercise more, build your support network, and educate yourself on how to change behavioral patterns. Its fascinating stuff! If you’re having a tough time, hire a coach to help you out. I’m considering creating a course or mentorship program in which I can help people do just that. (let me know in the comments if you are interested).
Regroup – After you’ve gone through the bulk of your healing, it’s time to regroup. It’s a funny way of describing it, but regrouping is like reevaluating. Healing will put you in contact with your heart, and your heart can often tell you where you need to go, if you know how to listen. Your heart has a wisdom of its own. For me, it was writing an inspiring work of fiction that’s enjoyable, fun, funny, that also includes lessons in lucid dreaming and spiritual growth and development. The re-grouping phase is a time to set new intentions based on what you learned in your healing.

Refresh – experience the joy and beauty of being an entirely new person based on your growth and development!

Teach – now it’s time to level up – you need to teach what you know, or chronicle it, or journal it somehow. I truly believe that spiritual lessons are made more valuable once we teach them. This could be a mystical process, or a marketing process. In my case, I’m looking for a way to combine both so that I can reach more people with my message.

Combined approach
These lessons can come one after another, sequentially, or it can be a grab-bag. I think that how I prefer to ingest them has a bit to do with the order in which they arrive, yet it seems that often they’ll surprise me. There’s no telling what the future holds, but I know and trust that that I put into it is what I will get out of it.

I will invest in myself and in growing my soul for the divine benefit of all humanity. That’s my tip for today.

Love, Tim

P.S. Comment! Let me know what you think, how you are doing, and what you ate for breakfast. I had a smoothie ūüôā
* quote a song by a group that ushered in a new age of spiritual practices to the world back in the 60s, The Beatles.

Resistance, Planning, and the Happiness Advantage

I’ve talked about my experience working in my new job at a juice bar before – it’s importance in my creative evolution cannot be understated. When I started this job I was beginning to open up to a new identity as a gender-fluid person. I was a bit apprehensive about starting my job initially because I held a fear of being ridiculed of shamed for who I was.

But the universe has a funny way of working out: The crew that I work with includes members of the LGBTQ community of all colors and shapes! Not only did I find myself in a place where my left of-center sexuality was accepted, it’s encouraged.

The peeps that I work with are really awesome too. As far as wage labor jobs go, this one is probably the best one I can imagine. I’m surrounded by health oriented, progressive thinking people; the managers are cool; and I get to enjoy the juice and smoothies! Also, the owner and managers have brought me coffee on separate occasions. Win.

The practical side of this is that I have the stability to let my life re-arrange while still supporting myself financially.

I am running into some resistance though. YES. Resistance is fodder for my evolution engine. If you can look at resistance as a favorable growth opportunity instead of a pointless annoyance you may find that your life starts to take an interesting form. By totally loving and accepting said resistance we can further embrace the part of ourselves that feel in opposition of our circumstances, seemingly paradoxically moving through it quicker.

In my particular case, the resistance is that after I work for 7+ hours, I get tired! I need to rest. Thus, it is often difficult to blog or write music or work on my fiction.

So in continuing with the juice gig I need to figure out: what is an easy, quick, and reliable way to renew my creative energy after working for 7+ hours?

I need a reliable method, which must include some iteration based adjustment (naturally – let your experience with the process tell you what works and what doesn’t. “Efficacy is the measure of truth”). Yoga classes, unfortunately, are out. I’m usually getting off between 12pm and 1pm, in which case most of the convenient studios have already started their classes.

Here’s my solution: I can create my own yoga routine that is predictable, and reliable for resting and re-charging my energy. It can include deep breathing, stretching, meditation, visualization, and future mapping. Also important, is planning out what I need to do in terms of realizing my creative visions. This means taking a close look my creative goals, and setting priorities.

Here is a list of my current creative goals, each one evolving from general specific:

– Learn music production (vague) –> create Future Bass music, using the easiest, quickest, most intuitive DAW (specific)
[this specificity helps because I can zero in on the more actionable sub-steps]
– test out new DAWs [List resources:]
– Memphis Slim House
– Crosstown Arts Studio
– University of Memphis Music Production Studio
– Music producers in my network
ACTION STEPS: Visit each studio, find out which one is best to invest time/energy into
Reach out to music producers in network and ask for help

As of 10 seconds ago, these goals are now neatly placed on my 3.5×5 inch notecard labeled “monday creative goals,action steps”, sitting snugly on my desk.


I need to spend some quality time with this creative work. I jotted down the bulk of it, but it’s an incorrigible cliff hanger; incomplete. It needs more work, more time, more attention. So, I can make time for IGBY on an off day this week. IGBY deserves a whole day, or at least multiple focused and devoted hours.

So, now that I’ve outlined my creative priorities, let’s get back to my routine.

In order to calm the mind, exercise the body. This means YOGA!!! My yoga routine, based off of 12 years of experience and my most recent 21 day yoga challenge, will look like this:

– alternate nostril breathing
– vinyasa
– Arm balances, core, variation
– core
– Savasana
– Meditation
– visualization
– Happiness Advantage exercise

I feel confident that I can effectively relax and renew after 7+ hours of juice bar in this way. In adjusting from weekend hours to juice bar hours, I also may require a nap. I’m ok with this. I will let my body act as a guide for further priming my creative energy.

So this is a little example of using self-exploration and journaling to plan my week, and work out kinks – challenges – in my current incarnation.

How can Yoga help creativity?
If you practice daily (yeah), it becomes a habit. Imagine, a habit that calms your body, focuses your mind, helps you process emotions, and connects you with your spiritual essence. That’s what yoga is for me. Thusly, true divine inspiration can flow through much easier.

If it works out in your schedule, I highly recommend getting unlimited yoga at a local studio like Elements, Midtown, or Delta Groove. The benefit of surrounding yourself with knowledgeable teachers is immense. Just remember to check in with yourself (and your levels) often so you can better gauge and appreciate your progress – it really helps with motivation!

The Happiness Advantage
Not my words or idea – full credit to Shawn Achor (video found on www.forwardcounseling.com). Essentially, the idea is to do each of these things everyday:
– exercise, and meditate (which is, like, yoga)
– write down 3 things per day that you are grateful for
– journal about one positive experience you’ve had in the past 24 hours
– random/conscious acts of kindness: send one positive or praising email or text to someone in your social support network.

After you do all these things, your happiness levels should be over 9,000!

Try it out. Like the 21 day yoga challenge, see how it changes you.
One positive experience that I’ve had in the past 24 hours:
After Acro Yoga class yesterday, I was hanging out with some of the crew, doing handstands, peacocks, and all sorts of fun variations thereof. I was feeling pretty self-conscious because I was coming to terms with the reality that now that I’m having more cool sexual experiences, I am still feeling amiss in terms of getting my emotional needs met.

I’ve struggled with confusing sex with emotional intimacy before, and because I wasn’t ready for the lesson at the time, I would retreat into isolation and try to medicate or stuff my emotions unhealthily. Now, as the man I am today, to be able to identify the nature of my quandary with such alacrity is very encouraging. I came into this understanding mainly because of this cool, positive experience:
As I was feeling this self-conscious, unidentifiable experience, I wandered over to the Levitt Shell. The music was a bit underwhelming, so after about 10 minutes I got up to leave. On my way out, I ran into my friend Adam. His struggles in early childhood make mine look like sunshine and daisies. We saw each other, greeted, hugged, and he asked me how I was doing. I shrugged and opened up and told him that I was feeling a lot of emotion. This willingness to be vulnerable with someone I trust started a whole whirl of beautiful happenings: I was able to sit against a wall and chat about my feelings, my emotions, my situation, and to receive experience based knowledge and validation from someone whose strength and lessons are tremendous and inspiring.

What happened next, i did not expect. I saw one dude hovering outside the circle of our conversation for a few minutes, but ignored him at first because I was in deep conversation with Adam. When Adam eventually got up to talk with some friends, I stayed down and this dude came over and sat down next to me. It turns his name is Chandler, and he knew me from Avenue Coffee, a nice little shop in the Normal Station neighborhood. Chandler asked me how I was, and offered space for me to open up to him!

Because I didn’t really know him that well, I was apprehensive at first. But then I told him about my current challenges in dating, sex, and emotional intimacy. He listened, and reflected. What is really interesting to me is that his presence was very helpful, regardless of the information that he presented. In fact, he didn’t really present me with any new information. He was totally heart-centered, an open vessel, simply there to be of service to a fellow human. What an angel!

He reached over and gave me a christian side-hug, and told me he would pray for me. Because of my frustrations with the christian environment in which I was raised I have always fundamentally rejected it as a spiritual system (if you are violently forced to eat broccoli, you may indeed develop an aversion to broccoli!). He told me he would pray for me, and I thanked him, and he walked off. I sat there for a minute, processing, and taking some deep breaths.

Somehow, my emotional turmoil was calmed. I truly believe that if I hadn’t reached out and talked and made myself open to the beautiful people around me, it would have taken much longer for me to process and understand my emotions.

Thanks everyone, for being awesome. Your love is truly felt.

21 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 9 (Procrastination)

Damn. Damn it. I am procrastinating. My yoga class is in 10 minutes and I’m starting my blog post. I’ll only get about 3 minutes worth of info out right now. I’m also eating sugar and drinking coffee. I am tremulous.

Hopefully my hour of upcoming yoga will help chill me out. It’s 3:50 pm, and I slept in until 10:40am today.

Why? Because I charged myself up last night to get some music production work done after midnight, which took out until 2:00am. Then, I took an hour to cool my creative jets, deep breathing and imagining all my creative energy grounding into the earth.

>I got some good work done, but because of my scheduling choices, I missed my beloved morning yoga. Comparing yesterday (Day 6) with today (Day 7) I can say definitively that I prefer the hour of yoga to occur in the morning. Ok, I need to get to my class.

UPDATE: Now out of Yoga, feeling better. I got some biking in, but am noticing how different the dynamic of biking around is compared to driving. Because it’s nearly 100 degrees heat index here in Memphis TN, I get hella sweaty. I love being able to bike places though, so maybe I’ll try out a bikrim class, bring a change of clothes, and shower afterwards. The only thing is that Bikrim classes are either super early, or right in the middle of the day!


Let’s get a level check:

P – 7
M – 5
E – 5
S – 3

My physical levels are good – I feel adequately healthy. Mentally, a bit unfocused, and a little dazed. It seems like the changes that I feel occurring in the very core of my being are propelling a disorienting haze around my entire self. This is an example of cognitive dissonance. The most notable cognitive dissonance that I am experiencing is that which occurs at the very moment when I question the toxic shame paradigms with direct action to the contrary. Such as expressing interest in someone attractive, or expressing myself or asserting myself or being seen. Toxic shame creates an inflexible paradigm where one is ashamed of being seen, of being themselves. The more and more I choose to show up¬†as myself the more the old, ineffective paradigm comes into question. It’s like an old, dead tooth that needs to break off the gums for the new one to come in. The two cannot exist in the same space, thus we get cognitive dissonance.

But the more you can stay in a place of cognitive dissonance, respectfully, fully embracing the paradoxical identity of existing in both states at the same time, the more we can sort of suspend time and make a choice,. We can slow down our experience like Neo in the Matrix picking bullets out of thin air. We can suspend our disbeleif in ourselves and make a more conscious choice. I choose to show up in the world as myself, as the entirety of myself, limitless, crystalized by choice.

Dealing with Cognitive Dissonance

So how am I dealing with this? Honestly. Honestly, honestly, I can’t legally say here, but I may or may not be allegedly using cannabis, and coffee. Really, I know there are other ways of dealing with it. Cannabis after midnight as creative catalyst could theoretically keep someone up until 3am, which would, in turn lead them to sleep in quite late, missing their beloved morning yoga.

Other ways of dealing with Cognitive Dissonance
You don’t. It is there, and you must accept it, if it is. I feel that it is far more productive, though, to outline the best ways¬†not to deal with cognitive dissonance.

1) Do not deny it
2) Understand that how you feel now is temporary.
3) Trust that it will pass.
4) If you need, fall into one of your habitual self-comforting routines (it may or may not be cannabis, or coffee)

Once you get back to a place where you feel a baseline level of familiarity – comfort – equilibrium – then it’s time to start building new energy.¬†Imagine what life will be like as the new you. Feel with your heart, and let your heart speak to you. You are amazing – a child of divinity, and you have every right to break out of your self-limiting beliefs.

I don’t want to get preachy without backing up what I preach with hard evidence, so I’ll leave it at that.

I’m not really trying to prove anything here, other than the fact that daily yoga is beneficial.

Other than that, I hope that my honesty and clarity is beneficial for you. Let me know what you think, if there is anything yo’d like to see, and tell me something interesting about yourself.




21-Day Yoga Challenge: The Rules, and My Expectations


I just completed my first day of the 21-Day Yoga Challenge. The rules are simple:

Do at least one-hour of yoga every day for 21 days straight. 

That’s it! If you fulfill this task, you’ve completed the challenge. If you’re like me and you want to go a bit further, here’s what I’m doing:

Measuring before and after, on a scale of 1-10 these four metrics:
– Physical – How good do I feel physically? How many times a week do have have a moment where I find myself feeling really good in my body for no apparent reason?
– Mental – How focused to I feel? How often do I catch my mind worrying or stressing unnecessarily?
– Emotional – How expressive am I? Is my emotional processing immediate or delayed?
РSpiritual РHow connected to I feel? How often do I experience extended periods of  unconditional love and acceptance?

Yesterday my levels were:
P – 6.5
M – 3
E – 3.5
S – 7

Physically I felt out of shape, and I hadn’t done yoga or exercised in a couple of days. Mentally, I was definitely in a depression¬†for much of the day, which led to lack of focus AND delayed emotional processing. My spiritual metric was about a 7. It feels so strange to have a spiritual metric! Perhaps spirituality isn’t meant to be measured by a metric, but let’s see what consistent measuring does for me. I hope have a 2 point increase in P and S, and a 4 point increase in M and E.

I am anticipating (and, honestly, leaning into) some additional changes. Firstly, I predict that I will be drawn more to a plant-based diet, including more fruits, vegetables, beans, oils, herbs, and teas. I predict that this change will decrease my coffee intake and clear up my skin. I also anticipate clearer, more heart-centered relationships emerging during this time, because as I become clearer and more heart-centered, I attract people on a similar vibe or frequency.

This isn’t my first rodeo…
I’ve been practicing yoga for 12 years. My approach has been such that I’ve learned from many different teachers in many different styles, all leading to a cohesive personal practice, but for the past year I’ve focused almost solely on weight-lifting, letting yoga fall by the wayside. Now it’s time for a change. I love how open and free I feel with regular yoga practice. The whole process can catalyze great change and healing, as I began to experience¬†ten years ago.

Ten years ago, I began a daily yoga practice, and practiced 2 hours a day for 3 months straight. In that time I changed and evolved in many ways physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. But the change that I appreciate the most – ten years later, mind you – is how yoga put me in direct contact with emotional challenges that I HAD to deal with. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t pleasant. But it was absolutely necessary for my soul’s growth.

I had to confront the toxic shame of my childhood that shook me to the core of my being. 

I’m still working on this by the way – It’s a work in progress! I¬†feel very¬†vulnerable to be sharing this with you, my readers, but I’ll take a stab at it. I wish that by doing so I can inspire others who have lived through similar circumstances to heal, grow, and integrate the lessons of toxic shame. This will likely be an ongoing exploration, not limited a single post.

I was shamed for my body, eating, sexuality, expression, and more. I remember one afternoon where my sisters dressed up in their tutus, and I decided to put on a leotard. In our play, I wanted to be a statue, so I stood on a milk crate and became a stoic beautiful statue, changing positions every few minutes, as my sisters danced around me.

My father couldn’t understand this type of non-binary gender expression. He took pictures of me that made their way into the family photo album, which was regularly pulled out to show visitors. Being seen in this way became a regular shaming ritual.

The entirety of a childhood in a hyper-religious family is enough to keep any good counselor in business. Suffice it to say, yoga helps. I wish, through regular practice, to understand myself on a deeper level, and unravel the knot Рthe complex of the psyche Рthat toxic shame has twisted around me. The real me. My true self. That which always is, and which is always becoming.

Dating as exploration

The fun part of all this is I will be dating throughout the challenge!¬†As someone who grew up through toxic shame, one of my greatest fears is being seen before I’m ready to be seen. The fear itself sometimes freezes me into a state where I¬†never wish to be seen. It’s static and constricting. I hope that yoga will help me become more fluid, confident, and, instead of a barricade, place on my heart a screen door that lets the breeze through.

What I’m learning about myself is that¬†the static roles that I employed when dating in the past don’t feel right anymore. I would attract people¬†that I could “save” because that’s how I got most of my love as a child – by being the rescuer! Now, I know this role no longer serves me, so I’m forced to go outside of my comfort zone.¬†Maybe it will be easy, but the last date that I went on I found myself trying to play the rescuer¬†role when it wasn’t even relevant.¬†I hope to catch myself even sooner next time and choose a different frame, like the “Tim having a good time” frame. I like the “Tim having a good time” frame.

In dating, my pattern has usually been bouts of monogamy followed by bouts of celibacy. I will be challenging this model during this time. While the ideas of polyamory and alternative dating/relationship styles are interesting to me, I’m going to be sure that I’m not using the option to connect physically with multiple people or partners as a way to avoid letting them¬†in emotionally. So transparency is paramount, with authentic heart connections taking precedence.

My guidelines will be as long as it’s fun, transparent, and good for Tim, it’s happening. Maybe I’ll meet some cool yogis who wants to connect (and do acro-yoga!). I’m not going to the classes to get dates, but heart-connections happen, man.

The Journey

I love how the experience of the journey itself is shapes the individual. I love how an experience that seems out of your control can shape you into the person that you wish to be. I love the choice to discover what makes my heart sing, and the choice to pursue that joy until the ends of the earth.

I have a few more thoughts, but as I am focusing on quality, conciseness, and consistency, I will reserve them for another post.

For now, be the light.


21-Day Yoga Challenge: Days 1 & 2


It’s the end of the second day of my 21 day yoga challenge. Rules: do at least one hour of yoga per day, for 21 days straight. Today, the second day, took an act of will to break out of my habit of¬†not doing yoga.¬†

But let’s recap first: My 1st class of the series was September 1st. It was the 9am Vinyasa class at Elements, led by the effervescent Sloan Lusk. The class was challenging, active, and intense! As a yogi whose stepped off the vinyasa trail for some time, I had to really push myself at point to keep up. I predict that I will breeze through it in about a week or two!

The class was an hour and fifteen minutes, which felt a bit drawn out to me. I got out of it around 10:25 and got to Otherlands (where I ran into JD Westmoreland Рmercury is retrograding) and wrote the last blogpost. By the time I got into Otherlands, though, it felt like I had wasted half of my morning. Why did I have this feeling?

I want to use yoga to help prime my energy in a way that leaves me focused, emotionally aware, physically sound, and spiritually connected. Period. 

Everything else seems extraneous. If I am to indulge in an 1.25 hour class, I want to really enjoy it. Vinyasa in the morning seems kind of exhausting, and I didn’t necessarily feel the way that I wanted to afterwards. The class (like most modern yoga classes) skimped on Savasana, which is fine if you’re there for the physical exercise, but not if you need that extended savasana to compel¬†each and every part of your physical body to relax like a colonel commanding a troupe of drunken soldiers. I’ve noticed that the extended savasana helps¬†me prime my selector – which is the process of sharpening the tool of my mind in order to select my chosen state of being throughout the day.

Maybe it’s a bit premature to pass off an AM vinyasa class though. The thing that gets me is the timing: I like to be jumping head first into my most challenging task of the work day by 10am at the latest. If I’m recovering from a challenging yoga class until 10:30, i don’t feel as productive. So, perhaps I’ll start trying out the 6am classes! This would be a big change for me, since I’ve stayed up until 3am for the last couple nights. We’ll see.

Day 2

Today is day two, and I felt like a kid having to get up for school in the morning. I really didn’t want to go to yoga! So I turned off my alarm for the 9am class, and got out of bed at a leisurely 10:30am. Did I feel like I wasted the day? No, not today. I had an upcoming piano gig at 2pm, a piano lesson at 5:30pm, and a rehearsal for a video game music project at 6:30pm. So my day was already laid out for me all peachy keen, and I wasn’t going to let my alarm clock get me down.

The trouble I ran into had to do with scheduling my 1 hour of yoga somewhere in there. I didn’t feel like yoga in the morning, so I thought I could squeeze it in after the gig before my student arrived for his lesson. Nope. I got hungry and ate some food, and I didn’t have the recommended hour to digest before starting a yoga routine. I ended up doing a relaxing Hatha flow after the VGM rehearsal (Video Game Music) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c89IKLCpiJ8) which took about an hour. (I literally searched “1 hour yoga” and it was the first result that popped up). This was a nice flow and I like the voice of the teacher. At this point I had already had one glass of red wine so my blood was circulating well.

My results: I feel better in my body, mentally slightly more focused, emotionally still pretty stuck,  and my spirit never leaves me so I feel very blessed spiritually.

P – 6
M – 3.5
E – 4
S – 7.infinity

So these are basic metrics based on my self assessment of the four bodies on a scale of 1-10. Some things are improving. I almost want to wait a week to re-assess these levels, but I think for now I’ll just stuck to the routine of taking a reading every day regardless. Ultimately, a reading is a reading and the more feedback I can get, the faster I can grow.

Stay cool yogi ohmies.

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