Day 12

For my 12th day I did a yoga flow in my bedroom. It was a ton of fun, and i got to try out my new Hyperlapse app, suggested by Olivia Lomax of Delta Groove Yoga. It’s an easy way to record a full flow and speed it up so you can watch it 2, 4, 6, or 8x the speed!

I utilized a few of the techniques I’ve been learning at Elements in the Vinyasa classes, including the 3 legged dog (Downward facing dog with one leg in the air).

I almost felt like I was procrastinating, waiting until 10:30 pm to start my flow, but ultimately it was fine.

P – 7
M – 7
E – 6

Day 13

I did the noon Vinyasa class at Elements and saw Joel, the owner. He brought his puppy with him – it was so cute! The flow today was challenging (a lot of three legged dog work and core work) but it felt great to get through it. Elizabeth Heeran is a strong and gentle teacher. Her adjustments seemed to come from a place of total love and understanding, an energy that I always appreciate.

Also, I chose the pink yoga mat today, because I f’ing love pink

P – 7.7
M – 8
E – 7

During Savasana, Elizabeth played this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58TBZnvyGwQ.

So beautiful! I had a tear in my eye when we came back for the Namaste.

I could really relate to the lost boy story…

Love, always.