It’s the end of the second day of my 21 day yoga challenge. Rules: do at least one hour of yoga per day, for 21 days straight. Today, the second day, took an act of will to break out of my habit of not doing yoga. 

But let’s recap first: My 1st class of the series was September 1st. It was the 9am Vinyasa class at Elements, led by the effervescent Sloan Lusk. The class was challenging, active, and intense! As a yogi whose stepped off the vinyasa trail for some time, I had to really push myself at point to keep up. I predict that I will breeze through it in about a week or two!

The class was an hour and fifteen minutes, which felt a bit drawn out to me. I got out of it around 10:25 and got to Otherlands (where I ran into JD Westmoreland – mercury is retrograding) and wrote the last blogpost. By the time I got into Otherlands, though, it felt like I had wasted half of my morning. Why did I have this feeling?

I want to use yoga to help prime my energy in a way that leaves me focused, emotionally aware, physically sound, and spiritually connected. Period. 

Everything else seems extraneous. If I am to indulge in an 1.25 hour class, I want to really enjoy it. Vinyasa in the morning seems kind of exhausting, and I didn’t necessarily feel the way that I wanted to afterwards. The class (like most modern yoga classes) skimped on Savasana, which is fine if you’re there for the physical exercise, but not if you need that extended savasana to compel each and every part of your physical body to relax like a colonel commanding a troupe of drunken soldiers. I’ve noticed that the extended savasana helps me prime my selector – which is the process of sharpening the tool of my mind in order to select my chosen state of being throughout the day.

Maybe it’s a bit premature to pass off an AM vinyasa class though. The thing that gets me is the timing: I like to be jumping head first into my most challenging task of the work day by 10am at the latest. If I’m recovering from a challenging yoga class until 10:30, i don’t feel as productive. So, perhaps I’ll start trying out the 6am classes! This would be a big change for me, since I’ve stayed up until 3am for the last couple nights. We’ll see.

Day 2

Today is day two, and I felt like a kid having to get up for school in the morning. I really didn’t want to go to yoga! So I turned off my alarm for the 9am class, and got out of bed at a leisurely 10:30am. Did I feel like I wasted the day? No, not today. I had an upcoming piano gig at 2pm, a piano lesson at 5:30pm, and a rehearsal for a video game music project at 6:30pm. So my day was already laid out for me all peachy keen, and I wasn’t going to let my alarm clock get me down.

The trouble I ran into had to do with scheduling my 1 hour of yoga somewhere in there. I didn’t feel like yoga in the morning, so I thought I could squeeze it in after the gig before my student arrived for his lesson. Nope. I got hungry and ate some food, and I didn’t have the recommended hour to digest before starting a yoga routine. I ended up doing a relaxing Hatha flow after the VGM rehearsal (Video Game Music) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c89IKLCpiJ8) which took about an hour. (I literally searched “1 hour yoga” and it was the first result that popped up). This was a nice flow and I like the voice of the teacher. At this point I had already had one glass of red wine so my blood was circulating well.

My results: I feel better in my body, mentally slightly more focused, emotionally still pretty stuck,  and my spirit never leaves me so I feel very blessed spiritually.

P – 6
M – 3.5
E – 4
S – 7.infinity

So these are basic metrics based on my self assessment of the four bodies on a scale of 1-10. Some things are improving. I almost want to wait a week to re-assess these levels, but I think for now I’ll just stuck to the routine of taking a reading every day regardless. Ultimately, a reading is a reading and the more feedback I can get, the faster I can grow.

Stay cool yogi ohmies.