I’m smiling right now. It’s because I’ve already had a moment of feeling really freaking good today. Maybe it was the coffee…

Ultimately, I am becoming increasingly aware of the use of caffeine in my daily routine, and how it effects my energy levels. An Ayurvedic practitioner once told me that coffee first thing in the morning doesn’t fly in the Ayurvedic lifestyle. I don’t know enough about Ayurveda to comment one way or another, but I do know that caffeine is a powerful influencer in the body’s energy.

Day 5
Day 5 was labor day, yet another lazy day. I’ve extrapolated that I really, really prefer to get my hour of yoga out of the way first thing in the day. I found this out because I, yet again, finished up my hour of yoga at about 12:15am.

Before that, however, I was treated to an impromptu 30 minutes of Qi Gong, led by Kundalini Yoga Teacher Josh Sellars. I counted it as a yoga time, because the benefits are similar; including deep breathing, moving meditation, and focused awareness.

After the class, I felt physically wonderful (P=8).

Can sex play count towards my yoga challenge?

Later that day I got to spend time with a lovely woman who is also into yoga. The flirtations were such that it was implied that sex play can count towards my 21-day yoga challenge. After some “consideration”, I figured that now I would like to keep the two separate. I’m still working through toxic shame surrounding my sexuality, and so I think it’s beneficial for me to create a boundary (however illusory) between the two, and let whatever happens happen organically, taking care of my yoga time on my own time.

I’ve dabbled in Taoist, Yogic, and Egyptian sexual tantra, so I’d consider allowing additional studies into the subjects count towards my yoga time. But the word “studies” feels too clinical, and my new frame is “Tim having fun”, not “Tim clinically studying the path of orgasmic energy”. Wait, that actually really fun…

Day 6

Amazing. Elements Vinyasa class with Shelley was really great. Shelley arranged the class in such a way that I got a good workout, great stretches, increased awareness through the breath, and (my favorite) a good amount of Savasana. This is my favorite Vinyasa class so far!

I decided to drive to class (because I slept in so late I wouldn’t have made it in time if I had biked!) and I’m glad I did. These Vinyasa classes make me so sweaty, and I wouldn’t have felt right popping into a coffee shop to write my blog post after a bike ride from the studio (like I did on Day 1).

I was able to drive back to my house, shower, make some coffee, and get to writing by about 11am. I felt more efficient with my time. Efficiency is important to me.

Here are my levels today:
P – 8
M – 5
E – 7
S – 0-7

I felt disconnected from spirit last night, which was scary. But during yoga this AM I was able to slice through the Maya with the knife of awareness and realize that it’s OK to feel off or disconnected sometimes. This realization, and subsequent digestion of the experience, allowed me to process my emotions at a faster pace – which is one of the metrics I’ve been looking to increase. Emotionally that’s why I’m at a 7. I don’t actually feel particularly wonderful at this very moment, but because my processing is up, it’s a huge win for me. And a testament to the power of regular yoga.

Mentally, I feel more focused. I think it has to do with the sense of efficiency I felt at going straight from yoga into the shower, into my daily routine. This makes me really want to hit up some 5 or 6am classes! I’m not sure how I will do that if I’m staying up until 1-3am…

Getting up earlier is not my main focus. As stated in the first post,  my intention is simply to increase my metrics in all categories (Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). The emphasis of the yoga challenge is the process. I want to let the process change me.
I want to experience what it’s like to do an hour of yoga per day, as the man I am today. Why? Because I’ve never done it before! And I think it will help me to achieve all the increased metrics that I desire.


I am growing, changing, evolving, as humans do naturally. It is in my best interest, as a man who values growth and personal development (and self actualization), to do yoga everyday as a way of showing up in the world as my best self. I am beginning to see for myself the results. I am already more confident, clear, and decisive.

I truly look forward to the days of yoga ahead of me!

Until next time,
Much Love.