I lucked out. I just happened to be the only student at Michele Mallory at Elements Yoga Monday at Noon. I walked in to see no other students; a yoga studio full of peace and possibility. In a brief conversation I tried to determine if she was going to cancel class. The second I even hinted at it, she dove right into a positive energy that implied the class was inevitable, so inspiring that it motivated me to commit to the class.

Boy am I glad I did! It was one of the best time’s I’ve had in a yoga class so far. Her adjustments were wonderful, and since I was the only student, I enjoyed many of them. She helped me to get a much better alignment in my twisted triangle pose, as well as helping me to keep my shoulders relaxed.

My favorite part of the class was the arm balances; varied and creative. We played with three different ways of getting into “Flying Lizard” I think it was called. You have Chaturanga arms and bring one leg to rest on top of your tricep muscle. Because I have a strong upper body, I was able to flow into it easily. It was just challenging enough for it to be fun! Michelle was very encouraging. As someone who’s primary love language is words of encouragement, this inspired my practice to blossom.


P – 7
M – 8

E – 7

I am noticing that my levels have increased to the point that I had hoped in the beginning of the yoga challenge (Physical, Mental, Emotional). Read this post to learn more about how I’m taking my metrics. 

I’m starting to ask myself: What would it take to bring everything up to a 10? Why not? It would require me to re-define myself again. I’m just adjusting to these new levels, as they are bringing about different ways of understanding myself.

I know that transformation of any kind is lubricated by love. This is important because I don’t want to look at “10s” as somewhere I think I should be. Total love an acceptance of self means that I love and accept myself wherever I am – at 7,8,7 or 3,2,3 or 10,10,10.

So it’s nice to consider having a 10,10,10 day. But I’m going to take it easy for a few days and ride it out. Since I’m just starting to grow into my 7,7,7 days, compared to my 6, 3.5, 4 on my first day, I think I’m doing very well.

The importance of acknowledgement
Acknowledgement and celebration of growth is important. It’s easy, if you are a growth seeker like me, to get caught up in always chasing the next goal, the next transformation, the next level up. I used to do this. Yoga is helping me pause, connect with my breath, and enjoy the fruits of my labor. The afterglow, so to speak. The importance of acknowledgement is such that it seems to allow the achievement of whatever goal you achieved to sink in and enrich you.