Day 16: I did my own routine. Apparently in order to record a full Hyperlapse you need a great deal of space on your phone, which I did not have. Time to clean up! It was a great flow though. I used much alternate nostril breathing at the beginning of the flow (about 10 minutes). I made sure to power up each side equally. More on this later.

Day 17: Yup. I did a youtube yoga routine. Not that all youtube yoga routines are bad, I just happened to choose a sh!tty one. What made it sh!tty? (btw I love amending profanity this way). It seemed like the dude that led it added his own adjustments. I don’t mean he added adjustments from a lexicon of Yoga Alliance approved adjustments – I mean he did non-sensicle things that felt really wrong.

For example: He had us (by us I mean everyone in the room, which was me) take eagle arms. Eagle pose, fully realized, is the crossing of the arms at the elbows and the clasping of the hands, combined with the crossing of one leg over the other with the foot tucked around the standing calf muscle.

Eagle arms is just the arms crossed at the elbows with the hands clasped in front of the face. The feet were hip-width apart.

What this yoga teacher chose to do at this point is to have us (me) bend at the hip and fold forward with eagle arms still engaged. Woah. Something here didn’t compute. I’m not sure if it is my unique body composition or simply the nature of the pose that seemed strange, but I bailed, and I bailed hard. I squatted, untucked my arms, and, defiantly, told that yoga instructor “fvck no” (that’s Latin for “no, thank you”).

The rest of the flow I found to be pretty basic, so regardless of my belief that this video was crap, I made it work for me. I ended up feeling really good in Savasana. In fact, I was able to do something that I’ve secretely wanted to do when a Yoga teacher calls me out of Savasana before I’m ready (like, every time). The teacher started the obligatory “And now brind your awareness back to your body, begin to wiggle your fingers and…”“NOPE”. I reached over and hit the space-bar and said “NOPE”, pausing the video. Ahhh. Finally, a long Savasana 🙂 Boom.


P – 7
M – 7
E – 4
S – 8

I definitely felt great at least 3 times that day. It was Cooper Young Fest so I had a little to drink. I also took my shirt off in the sunlight. Abundant great feelings! Btw, drinking is mostly unproductive. I’ve noticed that I’ve been surrounding myself with drinkers the past several days. No judgement. I’m working on attracting productive, growth oriented friends so that I can reinforce my productive, growth oriented self. Drinking is fine for me as long as it’s done with the utmost celebratory fashion, such as celebrating good friends, good food, and good conversation. If it ever gets to the point of a mutual numbing of feelings, that’s where I’m out. I know I’ve used alcohol to do just this at least once this weekend, and because one of my goals with this 21 Day Yoga Challenge is to get better emotional expression, I am going to avoid alcohol for the next several days.

So that’s it for me today! I look forward to bringing you more interesting information and giving you some insight into your own life and experience through the process of 21 Days of Yoga.